In this webinar we will introduce KubeVirt and what VMs with K8s mean for you.

We’ll explore:

  1. The architecture of KubeVirt
  2. Key use cases where you can already take advantage of Kubevirt to manage legacy applications – Windows apps included! – alongside Kubernetes
  3. ‘Gotchas’, tricks and things to be aware of for different implementations
  4. How KubeVirt compares with other virtualization frameworks
  5. Future of KubeVirt, related projects, and where to start

We will show a demo of an application that is comprised of VMs, Containers, an RDBMS and a LoadBalancer-type Service. We’ll show how HA scenarios for legacy components are automatically handled by Kubernetes and KubeVirt, along with a couple cool surprises!

Download as MP4

Source: KubeVirt - Beyond Containers: Coming full circle back to VMs! - Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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