DevOps Perspectives from the Front Lines

The month of October was quite unique for me. I went to a number of conferences and talked to tons of people from all walks of life. All of the events were great; DevOpsDays Raleigh, AnsibleFest Brooklyn, DevOpsDays Detroit, and All Things Open are all events I would recommend to anyone considering them. Sign up for DevOps'ish! DevOps’ish is a weekly newsletter covering DevOps, Cloud Native, Open Source, and the ‘ish in between. [Read More]


If you’d like discuss having me speak at your conference, Meetup, office, party, dinner, luncheon, podcast, etc. please use the CNCF speaker contact form. Thanks! 7 advantages of open source for agile teams Date: 2019-04-26 Source: 7 advantages of open source for agile teams Open source and agile and DevOps teams go hand-in-hand. Here’s a look at the benefits The Tim Show — DevOps’ish with Chris Short — Newsletterers Date: 2019-04-25 [Read More]