I was reading through Wired magazine and saw a Windows 10 ad. If you’ve turned on a TV the past month you’ve seen the ad I’m referring to, this is just the print edition of the TV ad.

She won’t have to remember passwords.

Or obsess about security.

To her, every screen is meant to be touched.

And so on… (here’s the full ad if you really want to see it). But, there is one big thing wrong with this marketing approach and Microsoft actually says it right on the ad:

The Fine Print

The problem with Windows 10 is that Microsoft can’t really guarantee every screen is a touch screen (or whether or note your touchscreen is supported). Microsoft can’t say definitively that every device Windows 10 is installed on has a webcam or fingerprint reader to help replace your passwords. It’s just not possible for Microsoft, hence the fine print.

I’m all for open hardware and being able to install whatever operating system you want on whatever hardware you own. However, the full Windows 10 experience is not something that Microsoft can give you unless you buy their hardware (which sounds very Apple-esque).

I wish Microsoft at least thought about their advertising for those of us that are the IT departments for some of the most trying customers, ever… Our families.

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