The Upstream Marketing Working Group began as a vision to connect contributors. It has grown into a set of practices, channels, and bots that unite us all across the Kubernetes community. In this talk, contributors will walk through their experience of learning to tell their own contributor story. In doing so, we will walk through how anyone can write a great story, including key takeaways around narrative, call to action (CTA), structure, and available channels. Along the way, we’ll highlight tips to publish a blog, including collaboration with the Blog team, asking for reviewers from Upstream Marketing, and a brief look at relevant SEO practices. Attendees will leave with a formula by which they can share their story of contributing to Kubernetes and encourage others to share their unique and personal experience. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of open source contributors through a broad range of perspectives on what it means to contribute.

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Source: How You Can Tell Your Kubernetes Contributor Story with These Tips - Matt Broberg, Chris Short, Kaslin Fields, Peeyush Gupta

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