Shoulder Update 2004-04-28

8:56 AM ET I woke up this morning at 0230 experiencing the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my shoulder. I took my medication which didn’t really help and sat in front of the computer until it was time to go to work. At this moment I’m in the hospital waiting to be seen. Something has to get done and it has to get done today. I do have an appointment for the 25th with orthopedics but I can’t take this kind of pain for another month. [Read More]

Shoulder Update 2004-03-27

The cortizone shot worked for a good two weeks but it has all but worn off now. The pain persists and it is truly painful. The medication they have given me works but I can only take it once a day so there is a good 10 to 12 hours a day it hurts depending on what’s going on. I’ve got a follow up appointment in Orthopedics but I’m going to have to either get it moved up or postponed due to mission requirements. [Read More]

Shoulder Update 2003-11-24

Another update on my shoulder. The saga will probably continue well into next year but I’ll be doing physical therapy and I will be scheduling a follow-up appointment for the 14th but basically the next step after physical therapy is orthopedics.

It appears that this will be a long, drawn out process. You gotta love HMOs.