Five Laws for Aspiring DevOps Folks

Abstract Laziness is a great quality when automating repetitive tasks. Laziness flies in the face of learning new technologies and getting new work done. Somewhere between Jr. SysAdmin and Systems Architect, laziness is no longer an advantage. Let’s look at five laws aspiring DevOps folks should follow to be successful. Description Forget ‘I don’t know’ Banish the phrase, “I don’t know” Smarter ways to say it Treat every task as an opportunity to learn. [Read More]

Technical Debt and the Ongoing Battle Against It

I have been trying to fit a lot of square pegs into round holes lately. Eliminating technical debt with modern day DevOps practices to reduce costs is seldom fun or glamorous but is very often beneficial. Reducing costs should be the mindset of IT and one surefire way to do that is to spend the right amount of time on a task to complete it successfully. Finding that balance is definitely tricky especially when a lot of us are human time division multiplexers now. [Read More]