DIY Buffer using IFTTT

Buffer is a great tool for scheduling and posting content to social media. But, it costs money to do any sort of real sharing. I prefer to share more content from others than I do my own. Paying money to share other people’s content is fine but not for me. I came up with an alternative that might be useful to others so here it is: You will need a place to save links like Pocket (Instapaper or any other comparable service that interfaces with IFTTT works). [Read More] - Google's Social Network is a social networking service developed in association with Google. Why the name Orkut? Orkut Büyükkökten, a Google employee that has a significant interest in social networking, developed the service. How did Mr. Orkut have time to develop such a project? Google has a creativity policy of sorts that encourages its employees to use 20% of their time for personal interests. Google has officially stated that is not part of their service offerings (yet) but the fact that the phrase, “in affiliation with Google” appears on every page leads one to believe that this social networking service isn’t going to spin-off into a non-Google entity any time soon. [Read More]