What I Learned in 2016

A former co-worker and now friend used to have a tagline, “Everyday is a school day.” I remind myself of this fact nearly every time I learn something new. 2016 brought a lot of new knowledge and skill sets into my ever-expanding arsenal of tools. Surprisingly, 2016 brought a mix of both soft skills and technical skills. Let’s review some of the things I picked up during this journey around the sun: [Read More]


I like to remind everyone this time of year that, unless they have people’s lives in their hands, you have to keep things in perspective. Chances are you’re in a terminal on a laptop on planet earth which is but one watery orb circling a star as it hurtles through the Milky Way which is but one of many galaxies moving across the universe. Try not to take things too seriously. [Read More]

Take Ownership; "Plant Your Flag"

Taking ownership or “planting your flag” in an idea, work, or concept is often one of the best things someone can do. To sit in a room full of people and say, “This is mine. I will take care of it.” Makes everyone in the room know you are the point person committed to making it happen. The same holds true when discussing documentation, processes, and ideas for long-range planning. [Read More]