Happy 10th Birthday, Kubernetes | Photo from Kubernetes Contributor Summit San Diego 2019

Kubernetes Likely Saved My Life

Kubernetes and I share something: We were born on June 6th (I didn’t pick the date; I probably would’ve though to take more attention away from me). I’ve contributed to Kubernetes for 70% of its life. Today, Kubernetes turns 10. There are many things I could write about to commemorate this day. It has improved my life (like every other open source project I have worked on) by giving me desirable skills in an emerging space....

June 6, 2024 · 15 min · Chris Short


Abstract Burnout can happen at any point in everyone’s career. But, what happens when burnout is taking place amongst other things? Your s/o having a miscarriage? Veteran dealing with time in service and injuries from it? Becoming unemployed? Let’s discuss realizing you’re approaching or are burned out, the why behind that, and coping mechanisms. Description What is Burnout? Definitions (sourced) Who it impacts? Yes. Even kids deal with this. Personal Story Thread: The year of yes can turn into years of “please stop” Burnout+ Veteran Injured (disabled veteran; disability in general) Have Kids (always stressful or worrisome) Contribute to open source (never feel like you’re doing your best) Have a side hustle (Yeah, I wrote a weekly newsletter for six years) Dealing with it all (do it before you snap) Introduce a Little Chaos A miscarriage A job lost/layoffs A global pandemic Toxic family members Personal Story Thread: A Netflix series that hit WAY too close to home Welcome to burnout++ — Managing the Chaos Friends & Family - Prioritize family, tell your friends, be forward Compartmentalization (lock it in a box for short bursts) !...

April 10, 2023 · 3 min · Chris Short