Content is King

Let’s face it, information rules the Information Superhighway we call the Internet. If it weren’t for worthwhile information, formulated opinions, and reviews the Internet would not be as popular as it is today. For all intensive purposes in terms of web site design, search engine optimization, and search engine promotion, information is the equivalent to content. There is good content and then there is bad content. Bad content, in my opinion, is content that serves no purpose, has no goal, and doesn’t inform anyone reading it about any general or specific topic. [Read More]

Cable vs. DSL

Recently there has been a huge push by digital subscriber line (DSL) providers to take a bigger chunk of the broadband market away from cable internet service providers. This has become even more apparent in recently thanks to Verizon and SBC (and I’m sure others will follow suit) dropping their prices dramatically. This is good for broadband subscribers and people looking into broadband because the cost of high speed Internet services is coming down. [Read More]

Internet Sociology and Internet Usage

For many years now I’ve had the belief that Internet sociology exists. The belief came to light during my tenure as the webmaster for SanTech Computer Services. Everyone has their own personality, patterns, tendencies and so forth, this also holds true for Internet usage. Everyone uses the Internet differently. For some, their Internet use revolves around their life. For others, their life revolves around their Internet use. Then for a very small percentage of Internet users, their life and their Internet use form a somewhat symbiotic relationship where the individual has actually gotten to the point of incorporating a lifestyle that includes Internet usage to improve upon that lifestyle. [Read More]