If you’d like to talk to me about writing for your upcoming project please send me a DM on Twitter (@ChrisShort) or e-mail. Thanks! What is DevOps DevOps was intentionally left undefined (or loosely defined) at the first DevOpsDays event held in Ghent, Belgium. There are many good reasons for leaving it undefined. Back in 2009 in Ghent, no one could be sure how DevOps would impact the industry. But, the lack of a definition has left it available to be defined by anyone (myself included)....

November 30, 2017 · 3 min · Chris Short
Chris Short speaking at All Things Open 2017

All Things Open 2017: DevOps README

I had the opportunity to participate in All Things Open this week. It was quite an experience. 3300+ people who are all part of the open source software community all in one place is truly moving. Even better they let me take a mic on one of the main stages to give a modified version of my DevOps talk. I can’t thank the crew enough for the opportunity....

October 27, 2017 · 1 min · Chris Short