Well… I just got done with my follow-up to my MRI. I’m very distraught about the entire thing because (even though I wasn’t told this) no one in this hospital has ever seen my MRI. I know this because a SrA was scrambling around trying to find my MRI or at least get some kind of information about them (which included me giving the phone number of the MRI place).

The doctor said that it isn’t a problem with my shoulder (could have fooled me) and that I have a “bulging disc” in my neck, which is causing all the pain in the base and top of my shoulder including popping and grinding (someone please let me know when this makes sense).

I’ve been prescribed Vioxx (the newest anti-inflammatory medication which is currently being marketed to those with osteoarthritis pain; I was told that Piroxicam was the latest and greatest thing when they prescribed that to me).

I’m also getting referrals to a Neurologist and a Physical Therapist. The PT will be in the hospital but the Neurologist will be a doctor downtown. I should hear from both places by the middle of next week. I have to give TRICARE five days from the referral recommendation before I can stomp their faces in. So, Tuesday (no one said five business days) I’m going to start applying pressure to TRICARE.

I’m still in the worse pain ever from this nine month old injury and I’m starting to become somewhat worthless.

I’m also working on a second opinion while waiting on all this stuff to go as it should.

More updates will come in the near future.

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