I feel like I should say I don’t like to toot my own horn. But, if I don’t toot it who will? December and January were very busy months for me and February is definitely going to be busy. You should always be working outside your personal and professional comfort zones.

Last month, a DZone editor reached out to me asking to write a piece for the DZone DevOps: Continuous Delivery and Automation guide. This was my first true writing assignment. It was a tremendous learning experience. I banged out an article relating to my recent speaking engagements. A copy of the PDF is being kept here for posterity.

In other news, I recently received an e-mail from Jason Hibbets of Opensource.com. He informed me I won the Opensource.com 2017 Emerging Contributor Award! In December, I wrote my take on how to utilize Ansible Vault for Opensource.com and the piece did pretty well. I aim to publish more this year at both DZone and Opensource.com.

Last but not least, I have a new project! DevOps’ish launched as a Medium publication and newsletter in December. Every week I provide a categorized take on the news, tools, and events in the DevOps arena. After eight weeks, I can say it’s nice to have an outlet to share my thoughts surrounding tech news again. Please sign up for the DevOps’ish newsletter. I would like for DevOps’ish to be big enough to support itself some day.

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