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Three years ago, I sat down with Brian Gracely and Josh Atwell and recorded a podcast. I hadn’t met Brian before that, but it was obvious Brian knew what he was doing hosting a podcast. I walked into a conference with Brian, Josh, four mics, a TASCAM, and a laptop. This was a legit podcast production I was sitting down to record.

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For about a year or so, I’ve wanted to host or co-host a podcast. I have had some fits and starts over the years. I tried to get one going with Chris Bailey and then tried one on my own. Neither one seemed like something I could start from the ground up and sustain. I’ve learned that maintaining, editing, and recording podcasts requires a lot of work.

I joined the OpenShift team back in August. I’ve been getting up to speed with OpenShift and my new team while working in the upstream Kubernetes community. Couple that with the CNCF Ambassador duties I’m helping out with; I’m heavily invested in Kubernetes.

This week, Brian Gracely reached out to me to cohost PodCTL, Red Hat’s Kubernetes podcast. Knowing that Brian has the tooling and processes in place for podcast production, I didn’t even hesitate to say, “Yes!” We recorded an episode today while I’m at home here outside Detroit. A fancy mic for my iPhone is now part of my kit and we’re off to the races.

Brian’s focus will be Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat’s service offerings. My focus is going to be talking to the people building and using the tooling, working on or with Kubernetes, and connecting with folks working across the cloud native ecosystem. An important point I need to make, is that I’ll record with you regardless of corporate affiliation. I work at a company that embraces open source software and communities, its Kubernetes podcast should too.

Send me an e-mail or DM if you want to talk about what you’re doing with containers, Kubernetes, or cloud native tooling!

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