Reasons I’m writing this

  1. Positive recognition is cool in my book (no matter the medium)
  2. Also, I was identified at first as CEO, Red Hat (community and work friends got a kick out of that)

What Happened?

Onalytica, an “Influencer Marketing Platform,” a parallel in tech would be an analyst firm, I guess. Mentioned me twice in their “Who’s Who in Hybrid Cloud?” report. This report bills itself as a “Hybrid Cloud report we have a look at a range of influencers and personas.” I guess that makes me an “influencer.” I’m okay with the label as it comes in the form of recognition for reading, research, and writing that I do (on top of a full time job).

A thank you to Onalytica is in order here. I’m listed next to some truly wonderful people.

Red Hat CEO???

What made this merit a blog post here was the mislabeling of me as CEO, Red Hat, in the original version of the report (which has since been corrected, thankfully).

The day after this report came out, a friend from the Kubernetes community sent me a link to the report and congratulated me on the promotion dead smack in the middle of my team’s weekly get together. Which then led to some chuckles in the meeting as well as in other channels and DMs.

Thank you, Onalytica, for the laugh and the correction before I got a phone call, email, or something.

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