I had the opportunity to be a mentor at LinkedIn Mentor Monday Detroit. It was a chance to talk to younger folks to get a gauge on what they are thinking and where they see their careers heading. Plus, I welcome any opportunity to help the good folks of Detroit make Detroit the great city we all know it is. Huge thanks to Jessica Addison of LinkedIn for inviting me. Also, a shout out to LeGenevieve “Vieve” Squires of Starbucks for hosting us in Downtown Detroit.

I sat down with three up-and-comers here in Metro Detroit:

  • Kish is finishing his GED and trying to break into the construction scene as an electrician.

  • Salomé is a French national aspiring to be an investigative journalist. I answered many questions about journalism in America and gave her some social media tips.

  • Andy, who is a student in Environmental Systems and Music Technology, peppered me with some well-thought-out questions about work ethic and technology.

The LinkedIn Mentor Monday program is in its infancy. If you ever have the opportunity to take part in a Mentor Monday event, I highly recommend it. And if you are in Detroit and want to tag along with me to the next event, let me know.

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