Update: As of 2019-12-10, it would appear that due to rate limits and other service changes, this process is now broken. I leave this here in memory of the over three years of exemplary service IFTTT has given me.

Buffer is a great tool for scheduling and posting content to social media. But, it costs money to do any sort of real sharing. I prefer to share more content from others than I do my own. Paying money to share other people’s content is fine but not for me. I came up with an alternative that might be useful to others so here it is:

DIY Buffer

You will need a place to save links like Pocket (Instapaper or any other comparable service that interfaces with IFTTT works).

Use a Tumblr site to control spacing out your posts throughout the day. Configure Tumblr with a queue that posts content throughout the day (I post fifteen times a day between 8 AM and 8 PM).

Connect Pocket to Tumblr with IFTTT. Your applet or recipe should add Pocket links to your Tumblr queue.

Then you will use IFTTT to post link posts (or photos if you want) to whatever social network you want. TADA!

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