DevOpsDays NYC 2018 Ignite Talk on Golang

I had an amazing experience at DevOpsDays NYC 2018. The organizers put together an all-star lineup. You can tell this meant a lot to the organizers by the quality of the event itself; it was top notch. Being a part of the DevOps community is absolutely amazing. I am always thrilled to get invites to DevOpsDays events; they’re so well done.

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I was able to speak about Go and how I used it to save my DevOps ass at Solarwinds MSP. My team of merry DevOps’ers inherited an application. A third-party built the app a few years before we inherited it. The app had been in maintenance mode for quite some time. Before we could do any re-engineering work, we had to resolve a critical issue. The certificates were about to expire!

This talk walks through the use case of having to apply new certificates to an unfamiliar application. I built a 40-line Go tool to test and audit certifcate chains and web server configurations. I’m not a coder but Go makes me happy and really did save the day.


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