After DevOpsDays Raleigh 2017 I was going to dinner with friends. Along the way the topic of what’s up next came up. I mentioned I had a talk coming up at All Things Open but had no idea what I was going to discuss. We began batting ideas around and came up with a few good ones. One that we latched on to was creating a curated list of things to read to level up your DevOps skills and knowledge. DevOps was born. Today I had the opportunity to trial run the this as an Ignite Talk at DevOpsDays Detroit 2017.

Slides used at the genesis of this list are available here.

An up to date version of the contents of this talk are now available at

Watch Now: DevOps — All Things Open 2017

“You are either building a learning organization or you will be losing to someone who is.” –Andrew Clay Shafer

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