Detroit Kubernetes: Kubernetes Cron Jobs

I spoke at Detroit Kubernetes, Docker & all related things about Kubernetes Cron Jobs. The talk was more like an explanation with a demo. My demo skills are non-existent so I needed to build those a little. Overall, the demo went well. But, I feel like the zoom feature in Visual Studio Code needs some work. I ended up in iTerm2 using vim to make up for the oddities VSCode threw at me. All the code for the demo is available here: chrisshort/k8s-cron-job-demo

The talk and corresponding demo is based on the article I wrote back in February, Kubernetes: Cron Jobs. I had Pushover notifications setup too so every time the cron job ran in minikube my Apple Watch would ping. It added a nice, albeit unintended, effect that I’ll try to make use of during future demos for sure. You can view the slides below or download the version with notes.

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