burnout++ (What Happens When Burnout Occurs with Other Problems)


Burnout happens at some point in everyone’s career. But, what happens when burnout is taking place amongst other things? Your s/o having a miscarriage? Veteran dealing with time in service and injuries from it? Becoming unemployed? Let’s discuss coping mechanisms. Let’s overcome this together!


What is Burnout?

  • Definitions (sourced)
  • Who it impacts? Yes. Even kids deal with this.
  • The year of yes can turn into the year of “please stop”


  • Veteran
  • Injured
  • Dealing with it all

Introduce a Little Chaos

  • A miscarriage
  • A job lost
  • 911

Welcome to burnout++ — Managing the Chaos

  • Friends & Family
  • Compartmentalization (lock it in a box for short bursts) !!!WARNING!!!
  • The truth will set you free

Notes and Anecdotes

  • How many of you have weighed leaving a certification course at lunch because you were in so much pain? How many of you didn’t end up leaving because you realized you didn’t have enough pain meds to not make you feel guilty about laying in bed all afternoon?