As many already know, there is a cult in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that has been deceiving people and ruining families for dozens of years called the Center for Purposeful Living. This cult was formerly known as Human Service Alliance and, at one point, University for Human Goodness.

The Center for Purposeful Living has done irreparable harm to several families and numerous people across the globe. In 2005, I started a series of articles that detailed the acts of those at the Center for Purposeful Living.

I welcome anyone willing to share their stories to contact me so that I may share (anonymously if you’d wish) your trials and tribulations with the Center for Purposeful Living with an ever growing group of individuals hurt by this cult. The objective of these writings is to inform the world about the activities of the cult known as Center for Purposeful Living.

The Cult that is Human Service Alliance and the Center for Purposeful Living

Allow me to take a moment to inform you about a dark part of my past that I have kept from quite a few people; while I was a child I was an unwilling member of a cult known then as Human Service Alliance and after quite a few name changes (to include the University for Human Goodness) it is now known as the Center for Purposeful Living. I was young and when you’re in an environment like that you don’t know any better regardless of your age. [Read More]