What is Go? It’s not just another programming language. Go was made with very specific goals in mind by very experienced people. Go’s ideals align quite well with DevOps principles. In this talk we explore why DevOps professionals should be learning and utilizing Go in their organizations.


What is Go?

  1. What wasn’t good enough with other languages?
  2. Who made Go?
  3. The Go/Google Connection as it Stands Today

What is Go Good At?

  1. Go is easy to use and fast to learn
  2. Very well thought out design philosophy (Russ Cox GopherCon 2017 talk)
  3. Where Go is Used Today (The obvious: Docker, Kubernetes, CloudFlare, etc.)
  4. The not so obvious (and why): Container runtimes, Etereum, Dropbox
  5. Dev Opinions (quotes from Kris Nova, Liz Fong-Jones, Carlisia Pinto, and Julia Ferraioli)

How Go Bailed Me Out

  1. “Who here thinks cryptography is easy?”
  2. TLS is hard enough to implement
  3. It only gets harder when you are given a two-day deadline to rekey a convoluted application by a third party developer you don’t have a relationship with anymore
  4. I’m not a coder (AT ALL)
  5. Building a tool with Go on the fly to verify certificate chains, TLS configuration, etc. was super easy


I have worked in IT since 1995. Experience in the public and private sector has given me a wide range of DevOps perspectives. My lack of pedigree as a developer is one of my biggest selling points of Go. You don’t have to be a coder to write Go and more people need to know that.

Presented to

  1. Orchestructure January 2018 Meetup

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