GitOps is a prescriptive way of implementing DevOps. You will not succeed in using GitOps if you haven’t embraced some DevOps philosophies along the way.

In this talk, we’ll look at the GitOps Principles and see how they align to existing or new DevOps/SRE functions. GitOps, being a wonderful implementation of DevOps functionality in cloud native environments and beyond, will enable organizations to prescriptively shift left, improve release velocity, and hopefully reap all the other benefits that higher performers in the State of DevOps reports see.


GitOps, as an implementation of DevOps, will take you to something near DevOps nirvana rather quickly. The more you use it, the more folks will tap into it. Thus, creating this beautiful flywheel of automation. This flywheel will increase automation adoption with proper care and feeding in your environments, which will allow your teams to focus on more problems as they arise in the future. Then automate them away.

Based around article GitOps: An implementation of DevOps

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