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CHRIS SHORT has over two decades in various IT disciplines from textile manufacturing to dial-up ISPs to DevOps Engineer to Manager of DevOps. He’s been a staunch advocate for open source solutions throughout his time in the private and public sector. He’s a partially disabled US Air Force Veteran living with his wife and son in Greater Metro Detroit, Michigan. Check out his writing at chrisshort.net and devopsish.com.

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Chris Short has worked in the Information Technology field since 1995. Getting his start working summers and vacations for manufacturing and textile companies, Chris quickly latched on to the fast-paced tech sector and has been advancing technology as a resource since his youth. As a senior in high school, he was the webmaster at sandtech.net, a dial-up Internet Service Provider, in Hickory, NC and embracing Linux as a platform in the largely Windows world of the late 90s.

When the Dot-com bubble began to burst and trouble loomed on the horizon for tech jobs, Chris joined the US Air Force as a Tech Controller (3C2X1). During his eleven years in the Air Force, Chris served at four duty stations: Langley AFB, VA, MacDill AFB, FL, Buckley AFB, CO, and Pope AFB, NC. Chris participated in countless exercises across the globe and deployed three times: twice to the Middle East and once to Central America. Chris served under three US Presidents: Clinton, Bush, and Obama. In October 2003, while conducting a training exercise, Chris suffered an injury that damaged his long thoracic nerve. However, that did not deter Chris from trying to exceed all expectations despite living in continuous pain. In 2010, Chris was medically separated from the Air Force.

Chris is now working in the open source, Linux systems, and DevOps spaces. He writes for several publications and maintains the DevOps’ish newsletter. He calls the Greater Metro Detroit area his home. His up to date Résumé or Curriculum Vitae is available.

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