Create Your Own Read Later Process

Gmail Read Later LabelAlmost every app or browser nowadays has way to send whatever you’re viewing to Instapaper or Read It Later. The problem with these sites is that their apps either cost money or you actually have to remember open their software and read what is sometimes a mangled version of the article you sent to yourself (especially if you’re reading it on a Kindle).

What is something that most people have open or check on a regular basis? E-mail! What does damn near every app and browser have the capability to do? Share what you’re reading via e-mail. I use Gmail so this tutorial is geared toward those users but even if you’re not using Gmail I’m sure you could appreciate this idea.

People have been using Gmail address modifiers to handle spam for a long time but there are other beneficial uses for them. I filter to a label titled 1 - Read Later so that I can simply e-mail myself (using a contact I’ve saved as Read Later) and then come back later and be reminded to read the articles I sent myself simply by having a bolded label in Gmail.

No more remembering to check up on Instapaper, Read It Later, Tumblr, Pinterest or any other way; just Gmail.

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